The History of Wall Art

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The History of Wall Art

Regaliana is a purveyor of specialist and distinctive wall art, including Frescos, (as well as mirrored works of art and handcrafted caricatures and models) to both private and commercial clients. This section looks at the history of wall art, from cavemen onwards, how it has changed and its significance in our world.

Cave Painting – The earliest Wall Art

Today, of course, we are familiar with wall art seen in living rooms, dining rooms and so on, where the wall art is seen as a decorative accessory. The origins of wall art, however, go all the way back to cave painting.

Some cave painting ‘wall art’ is thought to go back as 40,000 years, both in Asia and Europe. It is believed that such wall art wasn’t just decorative either, indeed the purpose of cave painting could have been as a communication or religious device. The most common themes are wild animals, the earliest example of which dates back over 35,000 years to Maros in Sulawesi, an Indonesian Island, which features a pig. Cave paintings have been found in all the continents (apart from Antarctica) and it is interesting to note that the wall art we love today has its origins in caves.

Murals and Wall Art

A mural is any type of artwork applied directly to a wall (or ceiling), and the hand painted Fresco is perhaps the best known example of Wall Art. However we also see air brushed and digitally printed wall art, where existing murals can be photographed and reproduced digitally. Inevitably, such techniques tend towards the mass produced end of the market, but ensure that wall art is affordable.

Murals and Politics

Wall art has not been used simply as a decorative medium. Indeed it has long been known that murals have been used to communicate political ideals. Perhaps the best example of this use of wall art is the Mexican mural movement of the 1930s, where murals were used as a social and political tool.

Diego Rivera is, perhaps, the most well known exponent of this movement, painting as he did all over Mexico and, latterly in North America too, especially New York City.

Wall Art in Contemporary Times

There is a particular trend for feature walls, where the wall art covers an entire wall of a room in a house, school, hospital, etc.

Graffiti style wall art is also increasingly popular, reflecting the trend for graffiti and street art from the 1990s onwards becoming recognized as a bona fide art form.

Our On-line catalogues for Wall Art

Our online catalogues for Wall Art and Frescos (as well as mirrors and caricatures) feature an extensive choice of “made-to-order” designs, in a range of sizes and prices. We also offer a bespoke service across all products, ranging from the slightest modification of an existing catalogue d esign, through to bringing individual Client ideas to life via fully customized design commissions of any scale. 

Whether from the Private or the Commercial Sector our objective is to fulfil the exact requirements of our Clients, therefore, if you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for or require further information please contact us.

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