The History of Fresco Painting

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The History of Fresco Painting

At Regaliana, Fresco Art is one of our three main specialisms (the other two being mirrors and mirrored wall art and hand crafted caricatures), and in this section, we look at the history of Fresco painting before taking a look at some of the famous Frescos around the world.

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Fresco painting was practised as early as 2000 BC by the Minoans in Crete. Famous Cretan fresco paintings using the buon fresco technique include “The Toreador”. Early frescoes were also painted in Morocco and Egypt, with the Egyptians preferring the secco method for their tomb murals.

Fresco paintings were also common in Greek and Roman art, with the buon fresco style being more popular. In addition, early Christian art, especially in the Roman catacombs, also featured fresco murals. Fresco painting was popular with artists throughout the ancient Mediterranean and in Turkey. In addition, early examples of Buddhist fresco art have been discovered at the Ajanta caves and the Brihadisvara Temple in India.

Eastern Orthodox Christian art relied heavily on fresco paintings in its churches and cathedrals, to illustrate scenes from the Bible, but the Renaissance period in Italy was where fresco painting reached its peak. Except for Venice which was too damp, most cities in Italy used fresco images to decorate walls, especially those in their churches.

Famous Frescos around the World

The most famous Fresco paintings are from the Italian Renaissance period. 

Some of the best examples include:

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