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original, stylish and vibrant

Our extensive collection of beautifully decorative mirrors are individually designed and lovingly created by an Artisan passionate about his craft. Inspired by the landscape and colours of Mediterranean France his original and highly distinctive creations adorn fine houses and hotels worldwide.

Each design is an original work of art which is first painstakingly sculptured in clay in order to create a mould from which a “limited edition” of copies are cast using fibre reinforced plaster.

After being individually hand painted, beeswax tinted with natural pigments is applied, giving each mirror a totally natural and highly durable finish as well as a unique colour and hue. The maker’s finely honed, time-tested skill enables him to vary the finish patina to match a client’s specific requirements, including aged, antique, metallic, real wood and porcelain effects.

After being glazed with high quality mirrored glass a Certificate of Authenticity is affixed, signed and dated by the maker, to guarantee the origin, materials, quality and design of every mirror.

Should you be unable to find a suitable design within the current collection please do not hesitate to contact us – we are able to either customize existing designs or commission new designs of any shape or size in order to fulfil the exact requirements of our clients. Please submit an enquiry via the commissions page, giving outline details of your requirements.

Mirror hanging

Mirrors are considerably heavier than normal framed pictures and therefore require stronger and more secure fixings.

Each mirror is supplied with brackets attached. Screws should be inserted into the wall and the mirror’s brackets should be placed directly over the heads of the screws. Wire or string should not be used to hang a mirror as the wire may potentially be damaged by the brackets or may exert a strain on the frame which may damage it.

Care & Maintenance

Avoid positioning mirrors near to direct sunlight as this may cause discolouration and tarnishing.

The natural beeswax finish applied to each mirror frame requires no specific maintenance however should the lustre diminish over a period of years it can easily be revived by gently “buffing” with a soft, dry cloth.

To clean or dust the frame use only a dry clean cloth or a soft bristled brush. Do not under any circumstances clean the framework with abrasive cleaning products, spray polish, corrosive liquids or wax removers.

Whenever necessary the mirror glass should be cleaned with a cloth or paper towel dampened with either glass cleaning liquid or water.