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What is a fresco ?

The word “fresco” can be used both to refer to a specific painting or the technique used to produce it. Derived from the Italian word “affresco” (meaning “fresh”) there are two fresco painting techniques  – buon fresco and fresco secco  

In “Buon Fresco” dry pigments are mixed with water and painted onto wet (ie. fresh) lime plaster. The pigments soak into the plaster mix and as both slowly dry a hard, transparent, crystallised bond forms which permanently fuses them together. All Catalogue frescos painted at our supply partner’s studios are produced using the buon fresco technique.

In “Fresco Secco” pigments are mixed with glue, casein, or polymer emulsions and are painted onto a dry plaster wall that has been wetted with limewater. All Commissions painted on-site at client premises are produced using the fresco secco technique. It can also be used for the retouching/repair of buon frescos after they have completely dried.

“Affordable opulence”

Created in Italy by Masters of Art using a unique, time honoured process, our comprehensive catalogue of authentic fresco art comprises hundreds of beautiful designs, offering a broad range of subject categories in both classical and contemporary styles with a choice of painted, gold leaf, silver leaf and Swarovski Crystal finishes.

Should you be unable to find a suitable design please contact us. We are able to either customize existing designs or create completely new designs of any shape or size in order to fulfil the exact requirements of our clients. Larger scale commissions can also be painted “on site” by our team of artists if required. Please submit an enquiry via the commissions page, giving outline details of your requirements.

Why use frescos?

Aesthetically Frescos provide a very different, visually striking alternative to paintings, prints or murals. The absorption and crystalisation of the colour pigments within the plaster both attracts and reflects light, with each crystalised particle acting as a light prism to create a uniquely soft, inner luminosity ideal for creating a warm ambience in large spaces.  

A fresco can be any shape or size and can either be hung as a picture or glued directly to a wall or ceiling to create the illusion of having been hand painted on-site by a visiting master artist, as was historically necessary.

Traditionally Frescos were painted on walls and ceilings however a fresco supplied on a roll can be glued to a wide variety of materials including wood, metal, plastic and glass, enabling the creative use of frescos to decorate doors, panels, furniture, screens, etc……

Because the colours are absorbed into the plaster and are protected by the naturally bonded surface Frescos are extremely durable and weather resistant thereby making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Frescos have historically been associated with important buildings and world famous artists but have more recently become a “must have” element of interior design among the world’s rich and famous elite. Our extensive range of designs in any shape, size or colours, makes Frescos available to everyone, bringing warmth and elegance to any space, anywhere.

Mixed Media Art

Developed and created by skilled Fresco Artists belonging to the “traditional school”, this innovative Mixed Media Art Collection is dedicated to Contemporary Art enthusiasts, and has a modern look rich in aura and personality, in essence, “Modernity with a Heart”.

All works are based on hand painted originals, from which a numbered series of faithful reproductions are screen printed onto hand prepared Fresco canvasses. A variety of bespoke finishes are then applied, again by hand.

The unique combination of experimental painting techniques, innovative technologies, specialist finishes and a diverse range of subjects has resulted in a collection which offers the potential to complement any type of home or business space. The production processes used also provide a cost effective solution to those limited by budget but seeking to own certified, hand produced artwork, by lowering the level of investment required to purchase an original.