Hand Painted Contemporary Fresco Wall Art

Alongside our range of large wall art in the form of traditional Fresco paintings, we also offer our innovative Mixed Media Art Collection. This range of custom hand painted wall art has been created and developed by skilled Fresco Artists belonging to the “traditional school” of Fresco Painting. The use of modern subjects, however, delivers an innovative and contemporary collection of mixed media large wall art, which is dedicated to Contemporary Art enthusiasts. These examples of large Fresco Wall Art have a modern look rich in aura and personality, which deliver, in essence, “Modernity with a Heart”.

Custom Hand Painted Wall Art on Fresco Canvasses

All of our Mixed Media wall art works are based on hand painted originals, from which a numbered series of faithful reproductions are screen printed onto hand prepared Fresco canvasses. A variety of bespoke, specialist finishes are then applied, again by hand, on to the Fresco canvass, which is then supplied on a lightweight wooden board frame, ready to hang.

The unique combination of experimental painting techniques, innovative technologies, specialist finishes and the diverse range of contemporary subjects in our range, has resulted in a collection of large wall art which offers the potential to complement any type of home or business space. There are over 50 of these Fresco canvasses to choose from in our range, and we also accept original commissions.

The production processes used to produce these Fresco Art Canvasses, also provides a cost effective solution to those who are limited by budget but seeking to own certified, hand produced contemporary large wall art, by lowering the level of investment required to purchase an original.

As ever, with Regaliana, the possibilities with our hand painted contemporary Fresco Wall Art are endless.