Fresco Art

With Regaliana, you can discover the unique, luminous beauty of Frescos, a visually striking alternative type of wall art to paintings, prints and other types of murals.

Frescos are a particularly distinctive type of mural painting, perhaps the most famous Fresco painting being by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel. Our Fresco paintings are all hand-painted in Italy by Master Fresco Artists using a time honoured process, and will add light, warmth and colour to any space: from small Homes to grand Houses, Reception Areas to Retail Spaces, Boardrooms to Bathrooms, and Pool Areas to Patios.

Our online catalogue of authentic Fresco Paintings are real artworks and feature hundreds of beautiful designs in both classical and contemporary styles, together with special finishes in Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf and Swarovski Crystals. Smaller Frescoes are painted onto canvas then mounted on a lightweight wooden board frame, ready to hang. Larger Fresco paintings can be supplied as rolled canvasses for glueing directly to any wall or flat surface. All our Fresco paintings come with a certificate of authenticity.

Customised or new Fresco Paintings

Additionally, we are able to either customize existing designs of fresco paintings or create completely new frescos of any shape, size, or subject (including reproductions from photographs) in order to fulfill the exact requirements of our Clients. For larger scale fresco painting projects we can arrange for our skilled team of specialist Artists to complete the work at site.
from small Homes to grand Houses, Reception Areas to Retail Spaces, Boardrooms to Bathrooms, and Pool Areas to Patios.

If you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for or require further information please contact us.

The possibilities for fresco art with Regaliana are endless.………………………………

What is A Fresco Painting?

“Fresco” is used both to refer to a specific type of painting or the technique used to produce it. A fresco painting is typically a wall paiting, and hence Frescoes are a specific type of wall or mural painting. The word Fresco is derived from the Italian word “affresco” (meaning “fresh”) and there are two traditional fresco painting techniques - "Buon Fresco" and "Fresco Secco".

In "Buon Fresco" dry colour pigments are mixed with water and painted onto fresh, wet plaster. The pigments soak into the plaster mix and as the paint and plaster dries a hard, transparent, crystallised bond forms which permanently fuses them together, which gives the distinctive fresco painting look. All our Catalogue Frescos are produced using the Buon Fresco technique. For further details see "The Fresco Process" (below).

The other fresco mural painting technique is “Fresco Secco”, where pigments are mixed with glue, casein, or polymer emulsions and are painted onto a dry plaster wall that has been wetted with limewater. All fresco Commissions painted “on-site” at Client premises are produced using this technique. It can also be used for the retouching/repair of Buon Frescos after they have completely dried.

The Fresco Painting Process

In the tradition of true Fresco painting all our online catalogue Frescos are hand painted onto a freshly prepared wet plaster wall by a highly skilled team of Fresco Artists.
  • Using the traditional “strappo” method of fresco transfer, once the plaster dries, a canvass is glued to the wall using water soluble glue.
  • When dry the canvas is carefully pulled from the wall, carrying the image of the Fresco painting image with it in the form of a “negative” (reversed image).
  • A second, stronger canvas is then attached to the underside of the first canvas using a permanent glue, which forms the final base.
  • After drying, hot water is used to dissolve the soluble glue and separate the two canvasses, leaving the “positive” image of the fresco firmly fixed to the stronger canvas.

The result of this process is a unique and authentic Italian Fresco Painting on canvas which can then either be mounted on a wide variety of shaped, lightweight wooden board frames to be hung as a picture, or alternatively, be rolled-up and sent anywhere in the World (ie."Portable Frescoes") to be glued directly onto any wall, ceiling, or other solid flat surface including wood, metal, plastic and glass.

Each hand painted Fresco is supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed and dated by the Artist, to guarantee its origin, materials, quality and design.

Why use Fresco Paintings

  • Aesthetically Fresco paintings provide a very different, visually striking alternative to normal paintings, prints or other types of mural paintings. The unique Fresco painting process, where the absorption and crystallisation of the colour pigments within the fresh, wet plaster both attracts and reflects light as it dries, with each crystallised particle acting as a light prism to create a uniquely soft, inner luminosity, ideal for maximising available light and creating a warm ambiance, especially beneficial in large spaces.
  • The colour tones and luminescent qualities which result from the naturally occurring crystallisation during the drying of the wet plaster, are the truly unique characteristics of the traditional, hand painted Fresco process, and cannot be achieved or reproduced by any other method of production. (Beware of digitally printed imitations). The use of natural, organic pigments mixed with limestone results in clear colours that reflect light in a unique and radiant style that results in Fresco Paintings going so well in today’s colourful, modern interiors.
  • Because the colours in a Fresco painting are absorbed into the plaster and are protected by the naturally bonded surface, Frescos are exceptionally durable and weather resistant, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. In extreme conditions the durability of a Fresco can be further reinforced by the use of specialist preservatives if required.
  • In the modern world, increasing environmental pollution and poorer quality art materials mean that not all modern works of art will survive the test of time. A true Fresco painting is made to the highest standards of quality and preparation and is designed to maintain its colour and freshness forever. The longevity of Frescos painted using the traditional "Buon Fresco" process is proven throughout history.
  • A Fresco painting can be any shape or size and offers the unique option of either being hung as a picture when mounted on a on a lightweight wooden board frame, or glued directly to a wall or ceiling to create the illusion of having been hand painted on-site by a visiting Master Fresco Artist.
  • Traditionally Frescos were only painted on walls and ceilings, today however a Fresco Painting supplied on a roll ("a Portable Fresco") can be glued to a wide variety of materials/surfaces including wood, metal, plastic and glass, enabling the creative use of Frescos to decorate doors, panels, furniture, screens, windows, etc...
  • Frescos have historically been associated with prestigious buildings and famous Artists, such as Michelangelo (The Sistine Chapel) and Raphael (The Raphael Rooms in the Vatican). Even in more recent times Fresco paintings have largely remained a preserve of the world’s rich and famous elite. However, Our fresco supply partner's innovative use of a traditional process now makes beautiful and authentic hand painted Frescos more accessible, versatile, and affordable, than ever before, enabling them to be used to extend the visual boundaries in any environment: from small Homes to grand Houses, Reception Areas to Retail Spaces, Boardrooms to Bathrooms, and Pool Areas to Patios.